School Vision

We are kind, polite and respect each other

We listen well and follow instructions

We walk safely and quietly around school

We respect our property and the property of others

We try our best

School Vision

As a school we will effectively build a calm, caring, stimulating, organised learning environment that promotes, inspires and celebrates the cultural diversity reflected in our school community.

We aim to accomplish this by:

  • Encouraging children, staff and parents to draw upon their life experiences and thereby sharing these with others.
  • Providing a progressive and socially inclusive school within the community.
  • Planning a broad and balanced curriculum that reflects changes in education and society and meets the individual needs of our children.
  • Promoting high self-esteem, respect and teamwork through effective partnerships.
  • Equipping children to reach their maximum potential by encouraging self-motivation and self-progression.
  • Fostering an ethos that reflects a happy, friendly and positive learning environment for all pupils, staff and parents.

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