Teaching Staff

Ms A Choppy Head Teacher, Child Protection, Performance Management, Assessment, CPD
Ms H Carlile                           Deputy Head, KS2, Maths, Health and Safety
                                                Mentoring Teaching Students, NQT Induct Coordinator
Mr O Long      Deputy Head, Curriculum Development, NQT Mentor
Ms L Baldwin                         Assistant Head Teacher, Lead Year 5 & 6, Science
Mrs C Fontaine                       Assistant Head Teacher, Lead Year 3 & 4, Literacy Writing
Mrs C Clifton  Acting Assistant Head Teacher, Leading Early Years, Provision birth to 5
Mr C Hamilton            Assistant Head Teacher, Lead for Year 1 & 2 and Reading for Key Stage 1
Ms D Georgestone                  Strategic Leader for Inclusion
Ms K. Gibson                          Development Leader for Educational Needs
Ms. E. Butler                           Development Leader for Maths (Year 3 MF6)           
Ms. J. Glass                Development Leader for Literacy (Year 5 TF7) – Reading KS2 and MFL
Mrs A Kimberley                    Development Leader for ICT and Year 6 Group Lead (TF5)
Ms L Whiting              Year 6 Leader for Writing KS2 (TF4)
Miss M Begum                       Year 4 Group Lead (TF1)
Mrs A Szczepanska                 Year 2 Group Lead and RE Co-ordinator (MF1)
Miss L Kimberley                   Year 2 Creative Co-ordinator (MF3)
Miss K Safiullah                     Class Teacher (Nursery Supply)
Ms S Poi                      Class Teacher (Reception GF6 Supply)
Mrs N Kaizra              Class Teacher (Reception GF5)
Ms C Panagopoulou                Class Teacher (Reception GF4)
Ms T Brown                Class Teacher (Year 1 GF1)
Miss F Uddin              Class Teacher (Year 1 GF2) (NQT)
Miss R Begum                        Class Teacher (Year 1 GF3)
Miss N Fasal               Class Teacher (Year 2 MF2) (NQT)
Mr T Akhtar                Class Teacher (Year 3 MF4) (NQT)
Mrs Simmons              Class Teacher (Year 3 MF6)
Ms S Atuona               Class Teacher (Year 4 TF2)
Miss F Undre              Class Teacher (Year 4 TF3) (NQT)
Mr K Hussain              Class Teacher (Year 5 TF6)
Miss S Ledgister                     Class Teacher (Year 5 MF7)
Ms A Iqbal                  Float Teacher
Ms A Jordon               Float Teacher (Supply)


Support staff

Mrs. K Clark               Finance Manager
Ms M Joslyn                            Office Manager
Miss C Choppy                       Admin Assistant
Ms A Hines                 Family Support Co
Ms. F. Khan                Nursery Nurse (School Nursery)
Mrs. S. Harding                      Nursery Nurse (Two Year Olds)
Mrs. D. Bradley                      Nursery Nurse (PT – School Nursery)
Miss M-J Murray                    Senior Child Care Practitioner (Day Care)
Miss B Dussausois                  Child Care Practitioner (Day Care)
Miss M Walsh             Child Care Assistant (Day Care)
Miss S Begum             Child Care Assistant (Day Care)
Miss H Hippolyte-Brown       Child Care Assistant (Day Care)
Ms. N. Anwar             E.A.L. Assistant (PT)
Ms. K. Skelding                      Senior Teacher Assistant
Mr S Lemard                          Sports Coach
Mr. S. Mason                          ICT Technician and Sports Assistant
Mr J Carlile                Academic Assistant (Year 6)
Miss S Coy                             Academic Assistant (Year 5)
Miss J Alexander                    Academic Assistant (Year 4)
Miss C Russell                       Academic Assistant (Year 3)
Miss G Turpin             Academic Assistant (Year 2)
Miss S Nolan              Academic Assistant (Year 1)
Mrs F Golland            Academic Assistant (Year R)
Ms. S. Singh                Teacher Assistant
Ms. R. Ahmed            Teacher Assistant
Ms. S. Clark                Teacher Assistant
Ms. H. Ghuldu            Teacher Assistant
Ms. M.   Aboagye                   Teacher Assistant
Mrs. F. Mehmet                      Teacher Assistant
Ms. H. Shahzad                      Teacher Assistant
Ms. S. Derya                          Teacher Assistant
Miss L Davis               Teacher Assistant
Mr C Mendez              Teacher Assistant
Miss N Bartlett                       Teacher Assistant
Miss S Riley                Teacher Assistant
Ms P Duffus – Reid                Teacher Assistant
Mr S Linghorn                        Teacher Assistant
Ms Z Ali                      Teacher Assistant
Miss S Barry               Teacher Assistant
Ms. C. Humble                        Welfare Assistant
Mr A Bux                    Resource Assistant
Mr J Hines                  Site Supervisor
Mr D Cummins                       Assistant Site Supervisor