TF2 Treat to the QEII Park

  QEII Park – As a reward for the best attendance, TF2 had an afternoon at the park.  After having a picnic lunch by West Ham Football Ground, we moved onto the adventure playground.  There was a great deal of equipment to use, including exercise machines, climbing walls, swings, and rope walkways.  All the children ...

Newham Poetry Festival

Year 4 pupil worked with Paul Delaney to enter the Newham Festival Poetry Competition. The winning poem from each class was selected and children from our school performed these at the festival. Well done to Pepi, Hamza and Janice for representing Salisbury .They received a certificate for their performance of the poems.  

TF2 @ Law firm

Bird and Bird  TF2 spent a day at the firm of solicitors, learning how a law firm worked.  In the after noon they worked as solicitors defending a client accused of stealing, proving that their client was innocent.