Day Care Bear Hunting

‘Were going on a bear hunt’. In the 2yr provision and the Day care provision the topic was ‘Our favourite stories’. The children and staff chose the story of ‘Were going on a bear hunt’. The children enjoyed using collage materials to recreate the story and used mini me  (small photographs of their own image)  to act out the story. The story scene was acted out by the children and staff by using real life objects and materials. The children showed a good understanding of the story through their learning experiences and involvement to create scenes.


The teddy bears picnic. The 2 year  provision and Day care experienced a teddy bears picnic in the garden. The children brought along their own teddy bear from home to attend the picnic. The children shared the names of their favorite soft toy and pretended to feed them at the picnic. We would like to thank all the parents that supported their child by choosing a soft toy and for allowing them to bring it to the setting.


We feel that real life experiences support each child’s development of effective learning.